Scheduled sessions

as of Feb. 18, 2022

40 tips in 40 minutes

A conversation with Sona Patel, of The New York Times

A shot in the dark: Low-light performance photography

AAJA-LA & SPJ/LA: Landing a journalism internship & opening the door to your career

Accessing police records

Adding some visual interest to your designs

Advertising sales basics

Advertising sales in the Digital Age

Adviser reception

Advisers: Navigating the change happening in your newsroom

Advisers’ roundtable: Advising in exhausting, newsy times

Affinity groups: Asian journalists, Black journalists, Latino/a/x journalists, LGBTQ+ journalists, women in journalism

AP style kahoot

Be hyper-specific: How I reached a mass audiences with unique stories from communities of color

Being an effective leader / Parts 1-3

Breaking down brand barriers

Breaking into music journalism wherever you are

Bringing back the luster

Building a strong staff

Building bridges

Building community: It’s not just about the campus

Building diversity, equity and inclusion into your newsroom’s culture

Building philanthropic support for student journalism

Can I publish this? A self-directed pre-publication review to keep out of legal trouble

Canva bootcamp

Coaching the coaches: Developing leadership on your staff

College Media Trust Program

Concision: Writing in the active voice

Conversations with pros

COVI(D)isruption: Digital transformation

Create in living color

Creating your own brand: Getting a job in journalism

Creative ways to tell stories on Instagram

Creativity is a team sport

Cuentame tu historia: Traversing the barricades of language

Cursing cheerleaders, student expression and the First Amendment

Design innovation, art direction and conceptual thinking

Design is storytelling

Don’t kill the pulp. Repurpose it: How to turn your broadsheet into a magazine to win readers

Drawing timely viewpoints: Editorial and opinion cartooning

El Leñador: Bilingual news serving diverse communities on and off campus.

Email newsletter workshop

Engage your audience: PR tips & social media tricks

Expectations and realities

Feedback loop

Finding a compelling feature photo

Finding the smoking gun: How to solve cold cases and break new historical ground

Finding the why

Finding your dream gig after graduation

Four times a year

Freelancing: Is it right for you?

From community college journalism to four-year: Transfer and beyond

From survive to thrive

Game coverage for print and digital

Get your head in the game: Sports photography tips

Great designers are inspired

Hacks for covering state government

Handling news and press releases: They’re not the story

Hired: Getting ready for your first journalism job

How to manage your friends

How to pitch and produced social video

How to print money from political advertising

Implementing Solutions Journalism in your social-justice reporting

Institutional history of The Voice newspaper at Glendale Community College

Introducing The New York Times Corps

It’s all about the content

It’s all in the message: How to attract a new breed of journalism students

Jump start next year’s book

Keepin’ it real: Presented by the Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles

Keynote: Audience engagement in collegiate media

Keynote: South Los Angeles homeless project

Keynote: Steve Padilla, in a moderated conversation

Keynote: Why journalism still matters

Leading out of the pandemic and into enormous change

Let’s get linear

Magazine design deep dive

Make fundraising part of your student-media program

Make your work work for you: Utilizing the digital ecosystem to prolong the life of your dontent

Making the jump into a local news market

MARVELous leadership

More than wires and towers: How to make climate change a must-read in your market

Multi-platform storytelling

My West Coast publication is better than your East Coast publication

News Design 101

No right-clicking allowed: How to publish without getting sued

Our branding journey

Perfecting the profile

Photo editing: More than meets the eye

Planning for 2023 success


Powerful stories: How student journalists amplify community voices

PR 101 for advisers: How to promote your student media organization

Preparing the next generation of bilingual journalists

Putting faces to facts: The local edge on national stories

Recruiting and training your advertising staff

Recruiting for a constantly changing newsroom

Refresh and revive: Rethinking the news website

Reinventing student media

Reporting in controversy: Protests, social justice

Reporting on Latino/a/x communities

Reporting on social-justice issues

Reporting the rainbow: covering and serving the queer community

Reporting with the senses: Learning to be fully present in the local communities

Roundtables in newspaper, yearbook, magazine, design & photojournalism

Silenced sources: When a global pandemic, college reputations and student media collide

Smart interviewing: Simple rules for interviewing almost anybody

Solutions Journalism reporting

Special sections can save your media organization

Sports and society

Sports journalism: A conversation with Marcus Thompson

Sports journalism: the ‘Scared Straight’ version

Sports ledes that work

Sports podcasts

Student-professor collaborations: How to produce a publishable project with your students

Students roundtable: Producing student media in historic and grueling times

Surviving in a pandemic

Telling your own story

The adviser’s index: A playbook for common situations and how to handle them

The First Amendment needs us

The future of eBooks

Tips for live tweeting

Trauma and interviewing

Turning pro

Turning your reporting into a podcast

TV investigative news: Yes, you can do it. No, it won’t kill you.

Tweeting your sports story 135

Typography: Pivotal choices

Video from the ground up

Visual storytelling

Watch your language

What to do when you’re toast

What’s your type?

Where the First Amendment ends and the private university begins

Why is the SID such an SOB

Why religion reporting matters in the 21st Century

Words aren’t hard: Narrative ledes

Writing a compelling story about a speaker or panel

Writing a great opinion piece

Your newsletter is your new front page

Your sports page sucks